canturi jewels  

retail : sydney, melbourne, brisbane salons 2009

overall design concept, visual merchandising, retail styling, brand experience

To complement the elegant, exclusive, boutique Canturi brand, inochi created an interactive, memorable "bridal experience", using traditional elements in a modernised yet whimsical way. Layers of retail styling draws the customer into and through the store - from the window display, to the chandelier, arriving at the dressed central internal cabinet. Customers carry the memory, as they are presented with sweet pea bunch, branded with Canturi ribbon - all a part of the brand experience, created by inochi to subtly promote the Canturi brand once leaving the store and within their own home. A highly successful campaign, implemented in three salons nationwide, exceeded the clients expectations, creating an experience not just a window.

  • inochi designed a frosted film to frame the bridal jewelry window display
  • window display creating the first layer of Canturi's bridal experience
  • the central focus of the display
  • individual bunches of sweet peas tied with Canturi ribbon provide the customer with a memorable experience
  • the 'dressed' central display cabinet with sugared almonds + sweet peas for Canturi's customers
  • ribbons + vines entwine the legs
  • decorative white frames in the window display communicate Canturi's services
  • soft fabric, ivy vines + ribbons drape around the chandelier providing a canopy over the central cabinet