specialist surgery  

dr karantanis specialist surgery : st. george private hospital, sydney 2010

overall design concept, interior design and fit out

Inspired by the concept 'life cycle', inochi created a warm inviting space reflecting a natural feel and essence. Three tone walls combined with clever space planning and unique features such as sheer curtains create a soft organic flow throughout the space. Contemporary comfortable furniture caters to all patients demographic providing private enclosed seating environments. Cosmetic and practical additions to reception including the addition of feature pendant lighting dramatically improve its appearance and functionality. inochi's clever solutions on a low budget has generated positive feedback from both patients and staff.

  • view from entry through space showing paint detail
  • defined waiting area enclosed by softening sheer curtains
  • seating options + enclosing sheer curtains
  • children's play corner + wicker basket toy + book storage
  • additions to the reception desk + pendant lighting
  • reception desk enhancements include flush glass cladding + caeserstone counter top
  • 'life journey' artwork + pendant lighting
  • magazine storage + armchairs upholstered in commercial grade fabric